Elul: The Days of Repentance

40 Days of Elul Practice: Mussar Mindfulness | My Jewish Learning


You’re keeping a 2000 yr. old faith alive here today. The faith of the Nazarenes, Y’shua and Paul’s original faith, their traditions, and their worship practices. The faith of the Holy One’s of Israel. These are the days of Elul, the season of return and restoration. This is the season of return, aliyah. Return to Him and return to each other. Yeshua said “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons of God.” Yeshua calls the peacemakers ‘Sons of God” because God is called Oseh Shalom, the one who makes peace in the heights, in Job. Peacemakers imitate God who makes peace above. By making peace on earth we bring the world closer to the messianic era when the Prince of Peace will reign. This is our mandate to bring the light, Yeshua to the nations, and the time to practice Tikkun Olam, healing the broken world, one good deed at a time. These are also the days of introspection leading to the High Holy Days. Accept Y’shua’s invitation to enter into His rest, His presence, His very being, Become one with His spirit during this time. His merciful Spirit of faith and grace, and during this period of repentance, His forgiveness. Lay your prayers at His feet today in His holy house, here in his living room, as we sit as His family worshipping as One. Think about this as we grow closer to the High Holy Days. There are many names that you represent and carry with you in life. Your family name, your school name, a team name, your company name, your place of worship, but most importantly His name Y’shua. You symbolically wear scarlet, red, and purple, His royal colors for all to see in word and deed. Purple for the priesthood as you are all a nation of priests in the kingdom separate from the world. And scarlet as the royalty, the Sons and Daughters of Zion, the children of God the Father Himself. Red, for the shed blood of Yeshua, the lamb, bringing atonement and salvation to all who would have faith in the Living Word known as the Way. He gave you His shed blood to plead over the troubles you will overcome as you collide with this broken world. And you wear His number. The number 1 in your heart and soul. We are one with each other as he and the father are one. One body, one spirit. One mighty kingdom of faith, hope, and love. Together. We walk in His ancient path known as the Way together my dear Beth Hallelions. May Yeshua’s joy and laughter fill your lives, and may He give you many opportunities to make others happy with kind words during this holiday season.